About emedicalid group, Inc.

(CIRA: 2/27/1997 to date)

emedicalid group, Inc. it originated, as written as a software system in, Thomasville, Georgia by its writer, 2/27 – 3/8/1997.  As a registered LOGO, such was filed 10/2000.  As such in composition, all rights reserved date from 3/9/1998 to date and represents in usage, as an operating systems, as under a set of PROVISIONAL patents.

As a Florida Corporation it was founded and filed in Lakeland, Florida 4/2002.  It is the world’s premiere, micro-processing computer based smartcard, solely used as an emergency medical Doctor-Patient (I.D.).

As an electronic medical based (I.D.), the size of a standard credit card its principal mission is to assist medical persons to saving lives in a precious moment of time.  By using and developing our advanced technology this private portable program expedites an individual’s current medical data and profile, from the scene of an accident, via first responders in 60 seconds as a scanned smartcard,  enter-faced with most EMS open source systems, 24/7.  The bases of emedicalid with a micro-processing computer-chipbased  (I.D.) also incorporates other record keeping data for a quicker HIPPA compliant outline and user relationships.

As established and needed this databased (I.D.) system gives a user portable emergency medical usage. This electronically is with secured “firewall” entry can be expanded for presentation on other subjects. Other users can be national associations, corporate business, educational, insurance programs, and government to the general public.

"emedicalid is the world's premiere electronic medical patient data card."