Who should have an emedicalid card?

Simply put... Everyone!  In a report by the Institute of Medicine, between 90,000 and 130,000 Americans die each year in U.S. hospitals due to preventable medical errors, making hospital errors between the fifth and eighth leading cause of death, killing more Americans than breast cancer, traffic accidents, or AIDS.  Serious medication errors occur in the cases of 5 to 10 percent of patients admitted to hospitals and are the blame for 7,000 deaths per year.  The emedicalid patient data card will revolutionize the industry and help prevent additional and unnecessary deaths.  If you have emedicalid, your life, or that of a loved one, may be saved.

What can an emedicalid card do?

It is used for identification in critical emergency room procedures and situations.  Anyone over the age of 18 can become an emedicalid cardholder.

In a matter of seconds, the cardholder’s personal medical conditions including allergies, medications, medical conditions, Durable Power of Attorney giving permission to treat and Living Will directives can be accessed.

Using advanced technology, all of your information is privately and securely stored on the card.

"emedicalid is the world's premiere electronic medical patient data card."