How does an emedicalid card work?

-by smart card technology!

Smart card technology has been popular in Europe and Asia since the 1980s. Now citizens, hospitals, and emergency personnel in the United States are recognizing the value of this technology.

The emedicalid smart card that patients carry in their wallets or pocketbooks is the size of a common credit card. A small electronic memory chip is located on the smart card. This chip contains information necessary to help emergency personnel treat the patient with full knowledge of important information pertaining to that patient, whether or not the patient is coherent.

Emergency personnel use a small hand-held portable card reader to activate the emedicalid’s smart card computer chip. The patient’s previously recorded medical history will then be viewable on the reader. 

The attending medical personnel can then better understand the patient’s medical history and directives, and ultimately make the best possible judgment for the situation.

Anytime an emedicalid smart card member has an exam by an emedicalid registered physician or medical professional, the information contained on the smart card memory chip can be updated. In doing so, the memory chip will be re-encoded with the most current information, and the secure centralized database will be updated online. The account access is then recorded in an operation log, adding to the system’s robust security.

An Example:

In a routine exam, a physician diagnoses a patient with Type II diabetes. The patient is a member of the emedicalid service and is thus able to provide the physician with his secure data card. The doctor then uploads the new diagnosis with treatment plan, diet modifications, and medication schedule into a secure centralized database via the Internet and the doctor’s access is logged. The information is also encoded onto the chip located on the card. The next time the patient’s card is scanned, it will include the Type II diabetes diagnosis, the treatment plan, and the name of the physician who entered the information.

"emedicalid is the world's premiere electronic medical patient data card."